Ria de Aveiro is, par excellence, an attractive destination.

Whether you are looking for the nature experience, to discover a unique fauna or because of the nautical sports or the landscapes that offer tranquility, the truth is that the right spot is somewhere around here.

The region has a diversified profile, so it won't be difficult to find the ideal spot and activity. The Ria de Aveiro region offers a distinguishable biodiversity that makes all those who let themselves be enchanted by it, fall madly in love for the area.

Rich in wild fauna and flora, the region is also bounded by the beaches that besides being a real welcome card for the Portuguese coast, are also source of resources for the local needs.

Ria de Aveiro is characterized by an environmental and landscape diversity and richness where different types of habitats coexist, such as the salt marshes, reed beds, salt fields/fish farming, dunes, hedgerows and fresh water and brackish water lagoons.

The rice fields, slat fields, vineyards, woodlands, pine forests and the eucalyptus forests, the rivers, the streams and the beaches are some of the living elements that complete the picture of a unique region in Portugal.

The diversity of species and habitats grants this territory different conservation statues of national, community and international importance with a strong human intervention, which knew how to take advantage of the natural resources that the lagoon and sea have to offer throughout its entire history.

And because it is not enough to own it, but it is also important to take care of what we own, POLIS Ria de Aveiro, Sociedade para a Requalificação e Valorização da Ria de Aveiro, S.A., has played a key role in the defense, preservation and upgrade of the territory in permanent articulation with the covered Municipalities.

Relying on the principles of protecting and requalifying the costal and lagoon areas for risk prevention, the enhancement of the natural and scenic heritage, of the resources as a means of economic and social competitiveness and of the promotion and stimulation of Ria's Vivência, that Polis Litoral da Ria de Aveiro has since 2009 been developing studies and implementing prevention actions and action for the defense of people, goods and natural risk systems.

The result of the work done up to this moment, is the discovery of a territory even more beautiful and balanced than expected. Shores have been reinforced by recovering dikes and bikes, vegetation areas have been cleaned up, animal and vegetal species have been protected and it has been looked after the quality of the water resources, by always trying to restore the natural conditions of the distinctive ecosystems which are all around the Ria, thus guaranteeing stability and minimizing instability risks.

Because it is special and unique, the Ria de Aveiro invites us to live new experiences, whilst satisfying more and more the curious eyes of beginners and keeping the fascination over those who already know it.

Wide in length, the Ria is all of this and much more. It's life, it's green, it's blue. The Ria is crystalline and cozy. And it is therefore, because it's an inevitable point of touristic interest, the "Passion that unites us".